Initiated in 2006, the NLP has consolidated itself as a permanent research project. Its goals are threefold and may be defined concentrically. Firstly, to study the culture of the eighteenth century in the light of the concept of Liminality; secondly, to focus on Gothic literature as the core of the project; thirdly, editing and studying forgotten Gothic texts constitutes the axis around which the core, and the entire project, can be said to gravitate. For details see Publications of the Gateway Press.



Manuel Aguirre
Organizer (jointly with Beatriz Sánchez) of The Madrid Gothic Seminar

Belén Piqueras

Esteban Pujals Gesalí

Beatriz Sánchez



Eva Ardoy
B.A. in English Studies, UAM
Website manager

Claudia Díaz
B.A. in English Studies, UAM
Editor and translator.

Tareixa García de Polavieja
M.A. in English literature, UAM.

Raquel García Iglesias
M.A. in English literature, Universidad Carlos III

Júlia Földenyi
B.A. in English Studies, University of Valencia

Celia Marqués
B.A. in English Studies, UAM
M.A. in English Linguistics, UAM
Freelance teacher of English
Directs the theatre group The Whitestone Players

Celia Turrión Penelas
B.A. in English Studies, UAM
Working as Editor