The LIMEN Group, active since 1998, was registered as a UAM research group(F-051) in the Autumn of 2007. Arising from two research projects (“Systemic Analysis of ‘Marginal’ Literatures” and “Threshold and Text”), its central concern is the study of thresholds and the development of a theory of liminality. The study of liminality in all its textual forms remains its main goal. It studies the nature and function of thresholds in and between texts, between literary genres, between cultural periods, between media, as well as between literature and folklore, anthropology, or the visual arts. It has found areas of applicability in postmodernist fiction, gender studies, slave narrative, postcolonial literatures, film studies and others. At present it consists of six lecturers and a number of postgraduate students and independent researchers. See


Manuel Aguirre
Senior lecturer in English Literature, UAM
General Editor of The Gateway Press

Belén Piqueras
Senior lecturer in American Studies
Department of English Studies
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

Esteban Pujals Gesalí
Senior lecturer in English and American Poetry
Department of English Studies
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM)

Roberta Quance
Queen's University Belfast

Robert K. Shepherd

Isabel Soto


Eva Ardoy, M.A.

Ina Böttger, B.A.

Dr. Nancy Bredendick
Honorary professor

Dr. Mary Farrell
Universitat Jaume I (retired)

Julia Földenyi, M.A.

Tareixa García de Polavieja, M.A.

Raquel García Iglesias, M.A.

Celia Marqués, M.A.

Beatriz Sánchez Santos
M.A. in English literature, UAM
Co-organizer of The Madrid Gothic Seminar.

Philip Sutton, M.A.
Independent scholar

Celia Turrión, B.A.