SLL2 A Place That Is Not a Place: Essays in Liminality and Text
Isabel Soto (ed.), 2000
ISBN 84-931843-0-6

The essays collected here represent a further exploration of thresholds and issues of canonicity in relation to text. Liminality is considered here in terms of genre, structure, theme, cultural conventions, ideology, and history. Sutton borrows concepts and theory from cultural anthropology and semiotics to theorize the relationship of liminality to performance text; Lopez and Pujals explore language as a mediating threshold in the work of contemporary poets; Aguirre argues that Gothic fiction is a liminal genre, thematically, structurally, and also culturally. Giles and Soto problematize ‘the centre’ by subjecting the writings of Irving, Hughes, and Lorca to the refracting lens of the limen, while Thomas questions the geographical and political ‘marginality’ of Wales vis-a-vis England and the West, and Farrell shows how the book may be used to frame an individual or cultural existence on the margins.