SLL1 Margins and Thresholds: An Enquiry into the Concept of Liminality in Text Studies
Manuel Aguirre, Roberta Quance, Philip Sutton, joint authors, 2000
ISBN  84-607-0901-9

This volume elaborates a working theory of liminality for the study of texts. Three different problem areas are selected for the testing of the theory: how popular fiction constitutes a threshold field between literature and folklore; how the symbolic role attributed to the figure of woman in myth places her on the threshold between culture and nature; and how the structure of a rock concert performance is shaped by a recurring set of generic liminal attributes that endow it with an archetypal quality. The study of thresholds, whether at formal, positional, or structural levels, whether thematic, symbolic, or narrative, whether in written, oral, iconographic or performative text, is a most useful analytical strategy and the authors strongly encourage a redrawing of cultural maps so as to make central room for the concept of the limen.