With Studies in Liminality and Literature, THE GATEWAY PRESS offers its readers a first in Spanish academic publishing: a series of scholarly works in English focused on the poetics of the threshold. The SLL series was created to cater to the growing number of scholars currently working in a vast and mostly ill-defined ‘territory’ which is (paradoxically) shaped by lines, thresholds, demarcations, and which (again paradoxically) is placing the question of peripheries at the centre of research.
SLL publishes authoritative working papers in English. Its goal is to offer a venue for research on liminality and literature, where we believe we are the first and so far the only providers. We see our role as placing a forum at the disposal of researchers who work on issues of liminality, in particular as concerns monographs, which are often difficult to publish in other venues.
SLL welcomes contributions in the form of books, monographs, critical editions, translations, or thematic compilations of essays if accompanied by appropriate critical commentary emphasizing the relevance of liminality to the work.
The volumes of the SLL series are assigned an ISBN number and listed in the MLA Directory of Periodicals; they are distributed worldwide by Pórtico Librerías (www.porticolibrerias.es) and subsidiary distributors and advertised by on-line and printed catalogues.