This is a series of working papers initially derived from a project designed to introduce Second Cycle students to research. TRELLIS was an acronym for “Teaching Research in English-Language Literatures, Intermediate Stage”. The project sought to build links between research carried out at postgraduate and professional level and the kind of research-oriented work that was offered to First Cycle students. It included a series of seven sessions—the TRELLIS Seminars—which ran in the Department of English at the UAM between 2002 and 2006.
Soon the ‘trellis’ concept outgrew its original intention. The series was now free to take up the full function suggested by its name and to propose itself as a forum for an interlace of efforts stressing intertextual, interdisciplinary, historical or liminalist research.
It is now proposed to re-start The TRELLIS Papers on an electronic basis. The series will edit a variety of contributions including research, working papers, teaching materials and other kinds of work. A bias towards liminalist approaches is welcome, though not necessary; a methodological slant is always desirable, and authors are invited to be self-conscious about their work and where possible to make explicit the steps, procedures, data, axioms or arguments on which their research builds.
One practical aim is to provide a flexible, reasonably speedy method of publication by editing each paper independently—though the possibility that some of these materials may eventually be collected in book form on thematic or other criteria is not to be ruled out.
Submissions to The TRELLIS Papers will be expected to conform to the editorial policy outlined in the second number of the series. The instructions provided in TTP 2 are in agreement with international practice. See also RULES FOR CONTRIBUTOR. All submissions will be assessed by a panel of experts.The TRELLIS Papers is a peer-reviewed, ISSN-registered publication.


                       Manuel Aguirre
                       Belén Piqueras