2014/ A Tale of Terror
2014/2 The Tapestried Chamber
2014/3 Supernatural Visitations
2014/4 Extracts from Gosschen´s Diary
2014/5 Montmorency
2014/6 A True Relation of the Apparition of Mrs. Veal
2014/7 Letter from a Young Man in Prison
2014/8 Sir Edmund, a Gothic Fragment
2014/9 Remarkable Instance of Second Sight
2014/10 The Parricide Punished
2014/11 Narrative of an Apparition
2015/1 Account of a Ghost, from the Relation of a Clergyman to Whom it Appeared
2015/2 Sketch of a Tradition Related by a Monk in Switzerland
2015/3 Phantasmagoria
2015/4 The Knight and the Sword, An Heroic Tale
2015/5 A Fragment, in Imitation of a Romance of the Thirteenth Century
2015/6 Account of an Apparition
2016/1 A Narrative of an Apparition which a Gentleman in Boston Had of His Brother
2016/2 Story of Sir Gawen
2016/3 The Appearing of the Ghost of Mistris Bretton
2016/4 A Wonderful Discovery of Murder by an Apparition
2016/5 The Haunted House at Carnie Mount
2017/1 Of a House Haunted at Stratford Bow (1775)
2017/2 The Baron´s Bridal (1821)
2017/3 A Gentleman´s House in France Wonderfully Prevented from Being Robbed by the Appearance of a Ghost (1775)
2017/4 The Field of Terror (1826)
2017/5 The Spectre Bride; Or the Legend of Hernswolf (1826)
2017/6 The Legend of Dunmorven, a Scottish Tradition (1826)
2017/7 Account of the Apparition of an Old Man to Dr. Scott (1775?)
2017/8 Bill Jones (1798)
2017/9 A Fragment of Romance (1820)
2018/1 The Apparition of Sir George Villiers, Father of the then Duke of Buckingham
2018/2   Christian Wolf, A True Story (1818)
2018/3    Anent Mother Jackson Her Witch-Craft (1685)
2018/4    Mary, The Maid of the Inn (1802)
2019/1   The Story of the Weird Sisters
2019/2    Wake not the Dead!
2019/3   The Unknown
2019/4   The Demon´s Isle
2019/5   The Devil´s Ladder
2019/6    Apparitions
2019/7   Dance of the Dead
2019/8   The Wild Huntsman
2019/9 Maddalena, or the Fate of the Florentines
2020/1  The Story of an Apparition (1818)
2020/2   The Story of A.B. (1727)
2020/3   A True and Perfect Relation from the Falcon (1661)
2020/4   Of One Who Had Like to Have Been Carried Away by Spirits (1775)
2020/5   Extraordinary Presence of Mind of a Russian Officer (1825)
2020/6   The Story of Fitzalan (1800)
2020/7   The Provencal Tale (1794)
2021/1 The Monster Made by Man (1832)
2021/2 The Castle on the Beach, or a Seaside Story (1802)
2021/3 Account of an Aparition which appeared to a Pedlar, discovering where an immense Sum of Money was hid (1775)
2021/4 Sir Reginald de Cuthbert (1799)
2021/5 The Dead Awakend; or impious Sorrow punished (1832)
2021/6 The Stranger a norman Tale (1799)
2021/7 Albert of Werdendorff,or the Midnight Emprace (1801)
2021/8 A remarkable story of discorvered Witchcraft at Lauder, Anno 1649 (1775)
2021/9 Of the Devil of Mascon in France (1685)
2021/10 Example of a Singular Dream and Corresponding Event (1787)
2021/11 The Ruin of the House of Albert (1800)
2021/12 Glenfinlas, or, Lord Ronald´s Coronach (1801)
2021/13 Some Surprising and Wonderful Dreams (1775)